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Jerzy Wira Daniela Wira


Szczecin Lagoon is characterized by the high fluctuations of the chemical composition what is connected with the exchange of its waters with the waters of Pomeranian Bay. Quality of the waters of Szczecin Lagoon is determined mainly by the influence of the river waters, which bring the municipal and industrial wastes as well as the wastes coming from the surface run-off. At the mouth section of Odra River are disposed the wastes from Szczecin, as well as from Chemical Plant „Police” S.A. (including the city of Police).Lagoon is the highly eutrophicated water reservoir. It appears here still the high over-oxygenating of the surface layer, connected with the very high level of the primary production. Phytoplankton blooming continues practically for the whole period of studies – from April to November inclusively. It results in the increase of the water reaction and lowering of the limit of penetration of the sunlight in the water.Shallow waters of Lagoon are subject to the strong mixing processes and they are generally pretty good oxidised. However, in some years for the many years period, oxygen sags were observed in the bottom layers of the fairway. The highest oxygen sag was noticed in 1992 (1,1 mg O2/l – 12 % oxygenate).

Key words: Odra River mouth, Szczecin Lagoon, Pomeranian Bay, fairway

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