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Piotr Trojanowski Jan Trojanowski Małgorzata Bokiniec Józef Antonowicz Czesława Trojanowska


The aim of this work was assessment of the age, sex, way of nutrition, environment and health state influence on zinc content in hair of population living in the Middle Pomerania. Within years of 2005-2007 hair coming from 416 persons from a ten months old child to a 75 years old person was analyzed. All people were divided into four age groups: children (0-15 years), youth (16-25), adults (26-50) and the elderly (51-75). 3-centimeters long hair (counting from the skin) were put to chemical analyze. Then dried samples were weighed and mineralized with mixture of nitric and tetraoxochloric acides (mixed in proportion of 5:1). Zink determination was done by method of atomic absorption spectrophotometry using spectrometer ASA-3. Average zinc contents in hair of researched population amounted to 167}58 7g g-1. Least of all zinc was ascertained in children hair (av. 125 7g g-1), and most of all in youth (194 7g g-1). In all age groups females had more of this metal (av. 180 7g g-1) than males (156 7g g-1). Average value of zinc for people living in a village was 147 7g g-1, and living in towns and cities 181 7g g-1. The least of zinc we have found at persons being on the meat – or milk-free diet (av. 157 7g g-1) and the most at persons that did not restrict in eating meat and milk products (197 7g g-1). The persons suffering from cardiovascular disease or hyperplasia prostate had adequately 221 and 195 7g g-1 Zn, considerable above thing level in hair of without symptoms diseases persons (156 7g g-1). Smaller contents of this element had persons suffering from atherosclerosis or hypertension (adequately 132 and 142 7g g-1).

Key words: zinc, hair, age, environment

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TROJANOWSKI, Piotr et al. ZINC IN HAIR OF MIDDLE POMERANIA HUMAN POPULATION (POLAND). Baltic Coastal Zone, [S.l.], v. 13, n. part II, p. 2009, vol.13 part II, pp. 49 - 65, may 2009. ISSN 1643-0115. Available at: <https://bcz.apsl.edu.pl/index.php/1/article/view/134>. Date accessed: 03 july 2022.