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Dariusz Baranowski


The main aim of the paper was to determine the most important features of air humidity in Łeba in the years 1976-2005. The average daily values of relative air humidity (RH) and saturation deficit (SD) from the meteorological station in Łeba were used as basic data for the survey. After initial estimation of dispersion parameters and asymmetry of distribution, these values were calculated for annual and multi-annual periods. The survey findings showed that in Łeba the humidity of air in the analysed period was relatively high (with mean annual RH and SD values – 82.8% and 2.1 hPa respectively). The highest mean air humidity is normally reported in winter months (with maximum in December), while relatively low humidity values are recorded in the warm half-year (Apr.-Sep.). The provided analysis of long-term variability in monthly and annual averages has shown a decreasing trend of air humidity in the region of Łeba. Such conclusion is proved by statistically significant tendencies: growing of moisture deficit and dropping of relative air humidity. The greatest fall in air humidity within the 30-yr period was found in April; while rise was noted only in May. The greatest diversification of mean monthly air humidity values are typical for the period between April and July; the most stable higric conditions are usually recorded in December.


Key words: Łeba, relative air humidity, saturation deficit


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BARANOWSKI, Dariusz. RELATIVE AIR HUMIDITY AND SATURATION DEFICIT IN ŁEBA. Baltic Coastal Zone, [S.l.], v. 14, p. 2010, vol.14, pp. 121 - 132, feb. 2010. ISSN 1643-0115. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 04 july 2022.