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Baltic Coastal Zone is a free of charge refereed journal with issue a year, presenting research works in the areas of: biology, ecology, chemistry, physics, geomorphology, tourism, botany, freshwater biology, marine biology, phycology (Algology), population dynamics, structural biology, taxonomy, zoology, physics, dynamics, environmental science, environmental protection, environmental chemistry, environmental geology, environmental soil science, geography, human geography, physical geography, earth sciences, geology, hydrology, oceanography, limnology, agricultural & biological engineering, landscape and spatial planning of the Baltic coastland, the coastal waters and the Baltic Sea catchment area.

COASTAL WATERS – Protection and Ecology of the Sea, Brackish Waters, Bays, Lagoons, Estuaries

COASTLAND – Protection and Ecology, Sustainable Development in Planning, Shaping, Landscape, Architecture




Vol 23 (2019)

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